Wednesday, March 31

Just Like a Star

hello mello !

please ignore the title for this post because 'takde kena-mengena' with this entry. :)

 today is Wednesday right? so, of coz la semua sekolah ada co-curricular activity rite ?

back to the story......

after assembly, Ida,Aishah,Yasmin & me straight away went to 4BK for our 'kelab perlancongan' meeting. today activity was Explorace. We're divided into few groups. after that, the activity started. we only took 15 minutes to complete the Explorace. Cepatkan? Masa treasure hunt dengan budak form 4 sampai pukul 12 lebih. Pukul 9.30 a.m. until 12 lebih. Lamakan? My group was the second the complete the Explorace.:) then, the meeting ended early because form 3 *ye ke? held a jumble sale. * ntah tak pasti ;) Tak banyak pun barang yang dijual. HAHA! Jadi, jumble sale itu agak membosankan. :P

Then, blablabla....

Akan bersambung :P

Nur Amira

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