Friday, February 5


hello .. 

sorry for not updated my blog for a very longgg time.. you know.. kinda busy with school, homework and MORE.. haha.. 

guys, esok sekolah!!! what??!!! no,no,no,no,no!!!  tomorrow sekolah ganti.. ganti for CNY.. heh.. :) 
nevermind.. :)

since i got the twilight books from abg wan, i've only read 76 pages... argh!! normally i will read for 100 pages and above.. haha.. not breaking down ey.. eclipse.. :)

school?? the same thing... not many stories to tell u guys.. same,same,same stories every day..... but every monday, tuesday got sport house training...tired la... :) haha... kawad you know?? 

okey la for today.. too tired to type.. haha...

bubye :)

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