Friday, February 12

Hey (:

Sorry for not updated my blog for a very, very LONGGGGGGGG time.

Finally, holiday.. cuti for a week !! yeah (: luckily no homework coz I finished it already in the class just now.. ngeeeeeeee :D

btw, Happy Chinese New Year !!! :)
KGV will be on holiday for like ONE WHOLE WEEEEEEEEK
sweeeeet !! :P

back to the story, bubye Areena…. Good luck (: why I’m saying like this ?? because today is her last day at smk King George V..  weyh, now u become ex-georgian la.. how do you feel ?? heheh.. dia nak pindah ke MRSM, Alor Gajah… wow.. she’s so lucky to be there.. I apply sana pun tak dapat.. haha… (: anyway, semoga berjaya kat sana..

btw, my muka sudah gelap… this is because of Kawad .. haha.. normal la kan .. last Thursday I skipped bowling meeting.. ada sebab oke… pakcik a.k.a ketua rumah sukan kata tak payah datang.. what I’m supposed to do?? Tak datang nanti kena bebelan yang baek punye… haha.. 

*sorry no picture for Areena.. heheh... 

okey la.. that all for today.. bubye (: 


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