Monday, January 25

Whoa :)

hello guys ! :)

how school ?? okey la ...  kinda fun for today... ahahah.. many things happen today... firstly, i didn't bring my Komsas notebook.. luckily my teacher didn't notice it.. haha.. secondly, in the science lab, me, mas, syafiqah n yasmin are in a group... we kena do an experiment that involved a pendulum.. haha.. when we wanted to swing the pendulum, suddenly the pendulum slip off from the retort stand, then hit a beaker.. haha.. the beaker was broke man ! :) luckily our teacher tak marah.. thanks teacher!! :) okey.. i don't want to talk about that anymore.. heheh... actually today i got sport house training.. suddenly the training was canceled  :) yeah!!!! i like !! (: what about homework?? it is bertimbun like hell man !! hahah.. i think i gonna stop typing now because i need to do my homework.. heheh..

bye,bye ! :)

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