Saturday, January 16


hello and good morning guys!! (:

currently i'm so tired..with the school homework, school activities and more.. haish... my face pun dah same like the cat down there.. :

yesterday, at school, got meeting for sport house... damn boring man!!! u know what ?? form 1 and form 2 officially jadi atlet berkawat... walaweyh!!! takde orang lain ke???? haish! oh ya ! forgot to tell what is my sport house.. heheh.. mine is MEADE... rumah hijau.. weee!!! sambung trip from sekolah rendah... hahah.. go MEADE.. wooooo!!

for homework.. .tak payah cakap la.. everyday we got bertimbun of  homework from our teacher.... okey.. takpe.. aku redha je.. hahaha...
okeyla for now.. coz nak continuing facebook-ing.. hahah....

assalamualaikum w.b.t