Friday, January 29


hey :)
sorry for not updated my blog for a very long time .. kinda busy with school activities :)

oke... i am tired .. really T.I.R.E.D 

hurm.. let's talk about my class... my english teacher, Pn. Santha said.. "if u speak Malay in my class you have to pay me 50 cent for each word.." :) what i am supposed to say about that ?? hurm... i think it's a good way to teach us to speak English rite?? homework?? it is still bertimbun... heheh.. oh ya! next week i've to present 2 presentation... first is for GEO n the last one is for ICTL..  argh!! who dragged me into this ??? heheh :P how about school activities ? okey.. first, sport house training fun.. haha.. *can't believe i said that :)  next is i'm joining the bowling club.. hell yeah ! fyi, it was F.U.N  ... my life?? full of tiredness every day.. hahaha ... :):):) 

 i think that all for today ... 

bye, bye :)


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