Friday, January 8


hey !! woo!! wee!!!

sorry guys for not posting this past few days.. I'm quite lazy to update my blog coz busy with my orientation for form 1 at SMKKGV.. *orientation pun busy ker ??  (:

finally!! the orientation ended ... amin, amin, amin.... very happy coz i do not need to arrange the chairs in the hall every morning, sitting on a chair berjam-jam lamanye.. & many more.. *korang mesti tahu kan ape perasaan lps tamat orientasi  korang masa form 1 kn ??

that's not the story that i wanted to tell u guys..  haha

this is the story........

when i'm surfing the internet.. i remembered about dis song.. Pergi by Aizat...*actually i heard it from radio when i'm busy surfing the internet .. haha   i don't know la why i don't like this song dulu..... hurm.. i quickly type pergi by aizat lyric at the google search.. haha.. luckily i found the lyric.. woo!!! then i started to understand the lyrics la... *something like that la.. the lyrics are very very meaningful... *for me la.. i don't know la how u guys feel when u hear this song.. then smpai kat satu line ni.. hikayat indah kini tinggal sejarah ... 

pasal line tu.. teringat memory yang ku pernah alami selama 13 tahun aku hidup dekat bumi yang nyata ni.. haha actually aku nak share my first week at kgv.. tapi aku rasa tak payah cerita la.. biar aku sorang je tahu.. lagipun aku memang malas giler nak type :) hope u guys paham yer!  btw, i hope that Pergi by Aizat will win at AJL this Sunday  ..  good luck ya ! vote 4 him guys!! i don't know what to type lagi la... out of ideas.. sorry! 

very sorry if this entry very damn long.. juz to express my feelings.. haha.. 

assalamualaikum.. :)